Gentle Waves 44x84 - 2013


Jane Brookes painting Stone piece with oil on panelMy earliest recollection of painting was at the age of 5 when I attended a summer program, Painting in the Park, at John Lawson. Visual art has been a part of my life ever since.


I was born and raised in West Vancouver where the daily views of lingering clouds, approaching storms and a distant horizon shaped my visual perspective. Looking out to sea always always made me consider what mysteries lay on the other side of that horizon? Virtually every landscape I have painted draws the viewer to a point beyond what we can see.


I studied graphic art, photography and painting at various institutions and eventually attended Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. There I found the tools and techniques that allowed me to develop my vocabulary in painting. Art History led me to adopt characteristics and techniques of the 19th century Romantic painters combined with the luminous colour blocks of American Abstract artist, Mark Rothko. I absorbed as much as possible from Emily Carr and graduated in 2000 with a Diploma in Visual Arts-Painting, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.


Jane Brookes with her dog MaddieI live, work and play in Vancouver with my husband, Gary, two adult children who live near by, and a golden coloured, moyen poodle.


Since graduating from Emily Carr in 2000, I have exhibited my paintings in several galleries in Vancouver, B.C. and Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. I now choose to work directly with local client’s on a one to one basis or through my website.